Thanks to our crew's infectious addiction to lifestyle sports, you can complement your cruise with a little bit (or much!) of activities. Take your pick from a range of watersports (tubes, water skiing or wakeboarding), paddle on a SUP, have a yoga session on board or on a SUP, try your fishing skills, or explore the seabed by snorkelling or diving. Just wear your happiest mood and explore the endless possibilities of seawater fun!


Tube riding is simple, fun and you’re surely going to enjoy it. Suitable for all.

Yoga / SUP Yoga

Whether on board or on a SUP, a yoga session will offer you a refreshing experience!

Ski / Wakeboard

Skiing & Wakeboarding are kind of extreme sports with a huge thrill.

Snorkelling / Fishing

Enjoy your swim while exploring the seabed or just test your fishing skills with a speargun

SUP (Stand-Up-Paddling )

Looks easy and surely is worth the try. It’s absolutely hot right now and everyone is doing it.


A seabed full of secrets invites you to explore its mystical world. We provide you with equipment and guidance, so that you can enjoy a remarkable underwater experience

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